Winter Storm Jonas

Concerning Current Weather Forecast:


As most known, we are facing our first threat of measurable snow this season. This storm will also contain strong winds that could down trees and power lines. The high winds are expected to cause coastal flooding.  Take actions that protect you and your family.

The best preparation is to be aware of current weather forecasts and instructions from Local Emergency Officials. If you lose power report your outage to the power company serving your area.

Take preparation to safe guard you, your family and your home by:

  • Keep tune to Local Weather and Emergency Officials
  • Be prepared to follow instruction of Emergency Officials
  • Consider the fears that children and vulnerable adults may have of storms
  • Know were to find items like:
  • Flashlights (batteries, and bulbs) Avoid use of open flames when children and pets are around
  • Keep your Cell phones charged
  • Check your battery operated radios if you have any
  • First Aid supplies and bottled water, not cook foods (in case of power outage)

In addition:

  • Secure outdoor items that could cause damage or could be damaged by high winds (Bird feeders and other hanging objects)
  • Secure outdoor buildings
  • Keep check on your outdoor domesticated animals

If traveling:

  • Keep aware of threatening weather in your area (Ice and snow on roadways).
  • Be aware of your area and roadways that flood easily.
  • Do not cross attempt to drive through moving water or flooded roadways

For Churches:

You know your buildings vulnerabilities take necessary action you would normal take to protect them.


  • High winds can break windows and cause water damage to electrical equipment and files in your buildings.
  • Take precautions to protect your buildings against wind and rain damage
  • Keep aware of threatening weather in your area.

Be aware of your area and roadways that flood easily. 


Delaware Emergency Management Agency

Maryland Emergency Management Agency Statement

Federal Emergency Management Information