Puerto Rico

You may take a teams there year round.
 Project: Completion of the new church building for the church in Guardarraya, Patillas. It is located in the southern part of the island. Needed skilled and unskilled workers. Persons who can paint, tile, do plumbing and electrical work. The priority areas within the construction are the bathrooms and the kitchen. There is  also classrooms areas, a fellowship hall and the sanctuary to be completed. It is a big building and groups are asked to determine what part of the building they would like to work on.
There is a small retreat center that is owned by the Methodist Women of Puerto Rico. It is not owned by the local church. The lodging fee for this place is $5.00 per person/ per night (minimum of 10 persons for this rate).  We could easily accommodate more persons at this center  and it is at walking distance from the work site.
It is possible for the group to cook for themselves or to have someone to cook for the group. If someone cooks for the group there may be a fee or a stipend for the cook. One way or the other, the group would be responsible for the money to purchase the food.
Additional cost would be transportation. Final cost depends on the distance to get to the site
and the number of persons in the group.
There is also another project on the Island of Vieques.
The pastor of the project will be forth coming with information soon. You will have to take a Ferry to get to that island. It is a great place to take a team. There are two Methodist Churches on the island.
 If interested in one of these  projects you may contact Sandy Binotto who has taken many teams to both  of the islands and has contacts there or you may contact Rev. Germán Acevedo Delgado directly. gacevedo2002@yahoo.com
San Juan, PR 00914-6778
Teléfonos: 787-727-1104 oficina, 787-268-6911 fax

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