Vision Team Members

The Vision Team is the policy-setting and decision-making body for the Annual Conference between conference sessions. It ensures that the ministry and mission of the conference is consistent with our Vision, Mission, and Core Values. A particular responsibility relates to support for extension ministries within our conference. Some of those ministries include the following:

Methodist Action Program

Neighborhood House

Salisbury Urban Ministries

Vision Team Members

Chair: Rudolph H. White

Vice Chair: Faye Everett

Secretary: Wayne Thompson, Jr.


 Renata Burns (08) 

 Faye Everett (12)

 Sheila Griffin (12)  



 Kevin Green (12)

 Paul Loder (12) 

 Allen Streett (12)

 Wayne Thompson, Jr. (12)



 Mary Browne (08)          

 Marjorie Belmont-Burns (08)

 Steven R. LaMotte (08)
 Gary Meekins  (08)                 

 Vernetter Pinder (08)

 Richard Rogers (12)

 Jeanel D. Starling (12)
 Sally L. Stewart (08)

 Karin Tunnell (12)

 Rudolph H. White, Jr. (12)


Advocacy Team Representative:

Mary Browne


Camping and Retreat Ministries:

 John K. Shitama 


Campus Ministries Representative:

 Bernadette Beckett                                   


Christian Service Team:                          

 Gil Hoffman                                     


Communications Commission Representative:

 Richard Browne  


Conference Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry Representative:



Conference Missions Resource:



Conference Secretary of Global Ministries/Volunteers in Mission:

 Karin Tunnell


Congo Partnership Representative:


Connectional Ministries Representatives:


Commission on Archives and History – Barratt’s Chapel:



Disaster Relief Representative

 D. Richard Walton


Evangelism and Outreach Team Representative:

Paul Sherwood


Health Ministries Team Representative:

 Elaine Ayres


Interfaith Resource Center Representative:

 Sister Barbara Jean Brown                   


Spiritual Formation Representative:

 Bonnie Shively             


Strengthening The Black Church Representative:



Conference Lay Leader

 Yvonne Jackson                             


(Ex-Officio without vote)

Resident Bishop: Peggy A. Johnson

District Superintendents:  

     Frederick W. Duncan

     Joseph Archie 

     Kyung-Hee Sa

     Shirlyn H. Brown  


Communications Coordinator:

 Doug Lanter


Conference Resource Center Team:



Director of Administrative Services:

 William E. Westbrook, Jr.           


Director of Connectional Ministries:

 Vicki Gordy-Stith        


Director of Strengthening the Black Church: 

Lester Justice