Strengthening The Black Church





This year we have been intentional in transforming how we do meetings. Shifting gatherings from agenda focus to God focused. To this point we have created mini one day worship experiences that allow both laity and clergy to gather and worship together while taking care of God’s business. STBC has also sponsored several churches this year to attend workshops specifically geared around worship, and the fruit of that experience to be shared with our larger group as well as taught to neighboring congregations within our bounds. Going forward we seek to continue to create opportunities for intentional worship within our conference as well as partnering with neighboring conferences in worshiping as the body of Christ.
This year we put together our first major ministry experience called RESTORATION 2010, in partnership with the Vision Team. The focus of this event was to bring to light aspects of ministry, life, and community that need to be restored within our conference. As a guide we used John Wesley’s three simple rule themes: Do Good, Do No Harm, and Stay In Love with Christ. The ministry was open to the entire conference and was a complete success. Going forward we intend to continue to create ministerial opportunities like Restoration, the coming Youth Summit and other ventures all with the singular evangelistic focus of bringing souls to Christ.
STBC believes very strongly in taking serious God’s call to “go…to all nations (Matthew 28:19)” as a result we have partnered within our conference with our four universities to create a college missions team to locate, restore and partner with neighboring churches in need of structural support. We are also working with local community groups to create ministry and mentoring partnerships that address their particular needs. Lastly, STBC values the importance of reaching the pre-Christian and so partners with Black Methodist for Church Renewal, Black United Methodist Pastors and Howard Bailey Life Enrichment Program to produce a young adult ministry experience geared toward the underserved sector of our conference. Going forward STBC will continue to foster and reproduce these relationships as well as look for new and exciting ways to serve our community.