Spiritual Formation

Chair: Rev. Bonnie Shively


Purpose: The Spiritual Formation Team works to resource and enhance the spiritual formation and spiritual practices of the local church. 

Mission: As a Spiritual Formation Team, we commit ourselves to the Loving aspect of the mission of the Peninsula-Delaware Conference by empowering churches to create a discipleship process for spiritual growth. 


  1.    1. Offer resources across the conference to make available to the local church, to help them
           communicate and celebrate God's redeeming and reconciling love in Jesus.
  2.    2. Empower local churches to develop a holistic discipleship process.
       3. Maintain a list on our conference website of current books, resources, conferences,
           websites, etc. for making and growing disciples.
       4. Develop spiritual leadership training for all ages.
       5. Offer workshops and classes on prayer and spiritual disciplines.
       6. Sponsor events such as the Annual Conference Prayer Room.
       7. Help people learn to share their story as part of their spiritual practice.

Meetings: We meet on the fourth Thursday of every other month at 10:00 a.m.

In the past we have met at the Conference and may need to look at adding a virtual option.

Commitment & Expectations: Regular attendance at meetings; participating in all other events to the best of their ability.