Special Sundays

UMC Special Sunday Offerings

In addition to our opportunity to contribute through our conference benevolence and the Advance for Christ and His Church, the United Methodist Church has designated six church-wide Special Sundays with offerings to emphasize 13 ministries of our church. 

Our Goal is for each person to donate $1.00 per year for these Special Sundays.

Human Relations Day      Sunday before Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday
Through our gifts on Human Relations Day, we ...
-  Enable community workers to provide services such as food banks, job training, building rehabilitation and advocacy for the poor and oppressed.
-  Provide community-based mentors and counselors who work with troubled teenagers.

One Great Hour of Sharing        Fourth Sunday of Lent
Through our gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing we ...
-  Underwrite the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), which mobilizes a network of volunteers to address critical needs in times of disaster, responds to the needs of the hungry, and resettles refugees.

Native American Ministries Sunday     Third Sunday of Easter
Through our gifts on Native American Awareness Sunday we ...
-  Help Native-American members to establish new congregations.
-  Provide job training, childcare, and cultural education.
-  Make possible scholarships for Native-American students pursuing church related vocations.
Half of this offering stays in our Annual Conference for use by the Committee on Native American Ministry (CONAM).

Peace with Justice Sunday      Second Sunday of Pentecost
Through our gifts on Peace with Justice Sunday we ...
-  Make possible educational opportunities that build awareness of world peace and social justice.
-  Fund work to intervene in cycles of spousal and child abuse and violence among youth.

World Communion Sunday        First Sunday in October
Through our gifts on World Communion Sunday we.. .
-  Provide Crusade Scholarships for international and U.S. racial and ethnic minority students to pursue graduate studies in theology, medicine, and education.
-  Fund scholarships for racial and ethnic minority persons seeking a second career in church-related vocations.
-  Support the Ethnic Scholarship Program for undergraduate students.

United Methodist Student Day             Last Sunday in November
Through our gifts on United Methodist Student Day we ...
-  Provide graduate and undergraduate scholarships and student loans.

More information on each of these Special Sundays is available, including posters, videos, and donation envelopes by visiting the website (click here) or by calling 1-888-346-3862.