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This assessment is comprised of 7 areas of focus. Each area focuses on a vital part of our churches health as well as the health of its surrounding community. The more prayer, thought and reflection placed in answering each question will better help our office as well as your church in constructing workshops, ministries and crafting a vision that will ultimately benefit the kingdom.


The purpose of STBC grants are to assist our local congregations in two areas: support and development. We have limited resources available, however what funds we do have are earmarked to assist in supporting existing ministries such as special evangelistic ministry days, community service activities, or other new and exciting opportunities geared toward winning souls for Christ. The grants are intended to be used to increase ministry effectiveness in meeting community needs and through improving technical capacity of the church.

Please fill out the Grant Proposal as well as the church assessment, and return via email. You will be alerted once we have received the application and a final decision on whether or not we can assist in your ministry.

Forms are due quarterly: March 15th, June 15th, September 15th, December 15th