Nominations Process and Timeline

Nominations Process for Conference Committees

If you are nominating yourself, please complete the Self-Nomination and Talent form which is available as either:

   -  an easy to fill-out online form or

   -  a hard copy to printed and mailed to the Conference Office. 

If you are nominating someone else, please complete the Recommendation for Service form. This form must be filled out and signed by the nominator. Please note that nominees will be required to complete the Self-Nominations and Talent form as well.

Completed forms may be sent to Christine Trott at or mail to Peninsula-Delaware Conference, 139 N State St, Dover, DE 19901.

See the Clergy and Lay Leadership Report for the complete list of Teams, Boards, etc.

Reminder: Nominees will be required to fill out the “Self-Nomination and Talent” form in order to serve on any Board/Committee. Copies of this form are available online at

Nominations Timeline

Below is the Timeline for the Nominations Process

Deadline for submission of Self-Nomination and Talent Form and Recommendation for Service Form

  April 17


Clergy Lay Leadership (CLL) Committee emails committee descriptions and Self-Nomination form to nominees who did not receive or submit them

  April 18


Clergy Lay Leadership Committee assess and vet nominees and fill vacancies

  May 4


CLL Nominations process complete, vacancies filled, new members notified and sent a thank you letter

  May 8


CLL Nominations Report complete and sent for printing in the pre-conference materials 

  May 10