Peter D. Weaver Congo Partnership - You can make a difference!

July 15, 2020

We have all been impacted by the pandemic in the United States. During our own challenges, God calls us to care for others. Your Peter D. Weaver Congo Partnership continues to be a beacon of hope for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo that has been devasted by the pandemic and other challenges, especially economically. We are seeing a growing rate of malnutrition and starvation because people in remote areas are unable to grow their own food. Our Partnership projects are needed more than ever as we seek to provide for the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs of our Congolese sisters and brothers.  You can make a difference. The Partnership usually receives significant financial support during Annual Conference and from local churches across our Conference throughout the year but recent months have caused these contributions to dwindle and the Partnership now faces serious financial challenges which will require us to cut some of our life-giving projects if funds cannot be raised. If every person and local church provided some financial support, God would take those gifts and multiply them so we can support our Congolese partners in this time of great need.

A 2-minute 2020 Congo Partnership Projects video update is now available:

When making contributions, it is most helpful if your gifts are undesignated so we can use them as needed. Remember, 100% of your gift goes to the projects with NO administrative cost.

To help you promote some special projects and provide information about various costs for these projects, we have prepared the document: Funding Options for Local Churches/Individuals to Support Various Partnership Projects along with ways you can contribute.  Visit our Web site: for persons to contact if you need additional information. You can make a difference and save lives. We covet your prayers for the people of Congo and for the work of the Congo partnership. Lusaka Efula - thank you very much from the people of central Congo!