Justice for Our Children; Healing for Our Communities

September 07, 2021

Justice for Our Children; Healing for Our Communities

  • Stop burying the truth of the horrific acts of cruelty and deaths of Native children at boarding schools
  • Return our children to their family homelands from mass and individual graves wherever they are
  • Speak the trauma that has been passed down from generation to generation in our communities
  • Persevere in holding governmental, church and private institutions accountable for restitution
Our children’s names were unknown to the strangers who stole them, but we continue to sing out our
children’s names.

October 6, 2021: Day of Remembrance and Action
  • This date remembers the forcible taking of Native children to the first off-reservation boarding school at Carlisle, PA by Captain Pratt in 1879, though compulsory “mission schools” existed long before  
  • Learn more at: https://boardingschoolhealing.org/ and https//www.facebook.com/Justice-for-Our-Children-Healing-for-Our-Communities/103462802069999/photos
  • Wear the color orange in solidarity with others standing for truth and standing against violence
  • Hold prayer circles and sacred gatherings to remember our children, inviting others to join
  • Advocate for federal, state and local government and church leadership to search out and make known the truth of the slaughter of our children, people and culture

The artist, Paige McNatt, explains the image on the front:
“The school is in the background with the children’s moccasins and shorn braids being buried with the truth in the foreground. I wanted to have dark, looming clouds in the sky behind the school to convey the darkness and pain that it represents. I chose to have "justice for our children" behind a yellow, more hopeful part of the sky. On the grass, there are brown spots to show that there are many other holes <where the truth of the devastation has been buried> just like the one in the foreground of the drawing.”

This artwork was commissioned by the Native American International Caucus of the United Methodist Church and sponsored by the Peninsula-Delaware Annual Conference Committee on Native American Ministries, 2021.