Donations to Your Church

April 11, 2020

To:          Pastors and Treasurers
From:      Bill Westbrook, Conference Treasurer
Subject:  Donations to Your Church
Date:       4/10/2020
The Peninsula-Delaware Conference is aware of the fact that the CORONA-19 pandemic has severally limited our ability to worship as normal.  We know that there are creative ways being utilized by our churches to virtually pass the offering plate to allow members to continue to support their church with their tithes.
The Conference Council on Finance and Administration has authorized the Business Office to set-up a process that will allow individuals to make donations to churches through the Conference’s PayPal Business account.  If you would like your congregants to be able to use this service, simply copy the image below into your email or on-line newsletter(make sure to use the copy and paste functions and not the “save as image” function to retain the hyperlink attached to the image).  A link will also be posted to the Conference website ( as well.



The Business Office will accumulate these donations and pass them on to the church.  We will provide the information needed so you can properly document and acknowledge these individual donations.  We hope that this program will be helpful.  If you should have specific questions please email
We are praying for wisdom, courage and patience as we all navigate these trying times together knowing that it is only through the power of the Holy Spirit that we can be healed as individuals, as a church, as a nation and as a world community.