Communications Online Training

September 27, 2019

Available Online, Anytime

United Methodist Communications Training offers affordable online courses and free online micro-training courses, with professional instruction available on YOUR time. We can teach you how to engage with your congregation online, reach out to seekers, and share God’s love with the latest digital tools. While the training courses offered here generally take 2-3 hours to complete, the application and implementation of the course content and your new skills may require more time.

Also, check out our learning bundles which offer three unique courses focused on a central theme of communication to help you chart a plan to meet your congregation’s communication needs. Our program also offer micro-trainings, a learning method designed to deliver effective content in a time frame of 20-30 minutes. These "burst of knowledge" or micro-trainings will equip you with communication practices that you can start applying to your congregation today.

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Reaching Beyond Your Walls
The Reaching Beyond Your Walls learning bundle aims to help local churches plan and maximize exposure to the community through marketing and social media impact.
Connection Through Communication
The Connection through Communication learning bundle is a guide to developing a communication strategy that speaks to leaders, members, and seekers.
Digital Media for Ministry
Welcome to Digital Media for Ministry. In this course, we will examine the best ways to reach people in your community and the world using digital media.
Social Media For Churches
Social media is everywhere these days. Shouldn’t the church be there too? In this course, we will show you the basics of using social media for ministry.
Welcoming Ministry
Welcoming Ministry will help you maximize your gifts and resources to make your congregation more welcoming to visitors and members.
Internal Church Communication
Developing an internal church communication plan is vital to consistent messaging, managing change, and maximizing interactions with church members.
Launching Your Church Website
Launching Your Church Website focuses on going beyond just having a church website to effectively implementing a broader online presence.
Church Marketing
Start the journey to more effectively share your church’s story and identity with the community through a comprehensive church marketing plan.
White Board Series
Introducing a new training opportunity from United Methodist Communications. Whiteboard videos deliver important information in a captivating way.
Connectional Giving
The online Connectional Giving course provides church leaders a holistic and biblical view of generosity.
What It Means to be United Methodist
This online course is designed for new United Methodists and anyone wanting to learn more about what it means to be a United Methodist.
Sharing Your Church Through Video
This micro-training presents practical tips regarding how to take good video and also contains interviews from United Methodist Communication's own staff videographers.
Sharing Your Church Through Pictures
This micro-training presents practical tips regarding how to take good pictures and also contains interviews from United Methodist Communication's own staff photographers.
Facebook Outreach
This micro-training is designed to help you expand your outreach efforts and awareness of your church by making the most of key Facebook promotion and marketing tools.