Bi-Annual Dunkle-Mackey Preaching Seminar

September 02, 2021

Blow your preaching mind at the Bi-Annual Dunkle-Mackey Preaching Seminar

Don't miss this opportunity to strengthen your preaching power!

The Rev. Dr. Tom Long
Tuesday, October 12
9:30 am – 4 pm @ Asbury UMC in Salisbury, Md.

What Would Jesus Imagine? Hearing and Preaching Jesus’ Parabolic Imagination
Description: Jesus’ favorite method of teaching and preaching was through parables. The parables are more than attractive stories about farmers and seeds, fathers and sons, and women baking bread. The parables allow us to understand Jesus’ own faith and imagination, and they lead us to preach sermons with that same faith and imagination. Through the parables, Jesus calls us to do more than explain the kingdom of God. We are called to proclaim it. In this workshop we will explore Jesus’ parabolic preaching, looking afresh at some of the parables themselves and the possibilities they provide for preaching.
Crafting Creative Sermons
Description: In a workshop setting, we will look with fresh eyes at the process of creating sermons, week in and week out. We will explore all of the elements that form a sermon, such as hearing the lively word in Scripture, building dynamic sermon structures, starting well and ending well, discovering the right stories for sermons, and finding freedom in sermon delivery.
Who is this for?
  • Ordained Elders & Deacons
  • Licensed Local Pastors
  • CLM’s
  • Lay servants
This event will be held both in-person and virtually. Cost is $20 for those attending in person (for morning refreshments and lunch), no cost for those participating on-line.
We encourage in-person participation for maximum benefit!

Contact Rev Doug Ridley, Registrar, at, for more information about this event, or click here to get the form to register.