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Young Clergy Leadership Forum is scheduled for January 28-31.

October 04, 2017

Young Clergy Leadership Forum is scheduled for January 28-31
.  Each conference is invited to send two young clergy, preferably age 35 or younger and serving full time in a local church.  Since this serves as an introduction to the ministries of the Board of Church and Society, we ask that you not send people who have attended previously. We are able to accommodate a maximum of 50 participants.  Here is the link to registration page:

Here is an article from last year -
We are pleased to have with us this year Daniel Viehland, a Wesley and Yellowstone Conference.  He will be reaching out by phone to touch base. We are especially looking for success stories.  If you are doing a particular Church and Society ministry that has been a success please let him know.  Your story can be an inspiration to others.
Short video -Methodist History: 1908 Social Creed for Workers