Level Up: Lessons on Leadership

April 16, 2023

The affiliation is premiering a new video series this morning with Jack Shitama and the Center for Vital Leadership called Level Up. It’s an outstanding series!
It’s at https://www.pdcbwc.org/level-up.html
The first video is being posted now. It lives on YouTube at https://youtu.be/tNx1geI0UTE

Level Up videos offer lessons in leadership.
Leaders inspire, they influence and empower others, define new realities, and bring vision to life. Good leaders enable groups and individuals to grow more fully into what God is calling them to be.  
Level Up provides lessons in leadership as the Rev. Jack Shitama of the Center of Vital Leadership, helps leaders grow. In these short videos, church leaders will discover some of the best and most influential principles in today’s secular writing about leadership. Learn from the masters, to transform yourself and the world.
This week, we learn about the differences between leaders and managers. See the video.