We encourage all churches in the Peninsula-Delaware Conference to support at least one missionary.   While we suggest they are sent by the General Board of Global Ministries, that is not a requirement, especially if a church member is a missionary under a different sending agency.  The guiding rule should be “Are they fulfilling Matthew 28:19?”

Click on their names to link with biographies of GBGM missionaries currently supported by a church within our Conference.   You should consider selecting from this list first since they visit churches in our Conference during their home assignment which is time off from overseas work. 

Craig & Pastor Karen Dial
Red Bird Mission


Belinda Forbes

Nan McCurdy and Miguel Mairena

Dr. David and Lorene (Lori) Persons

Stephen Quigg
Aviation Ministries

Gail Quigg
Aviation Ministries

Larry W. Stubblefield
Red Bird Mission


Deirdre Zimmerman and Dr. Mark Zimmerman

David Pascua

How to establish a Covenant Relationship

It costs $5. 00 per member or $2,500.00 annually, whichever is less, for a church to establish a Covenant Relationship with one of our misssionaries.  A church can begin at a lower level of support and work towards the $5 per member also. A copy of the Missionary Covenant form can be downloaded here by clicking here.