Local Church Media Kit for Part 2

Artwork and materials are provided below to help get the word out about the study that you are hosting: Who Are We? A Journey from Head to Heart

Your media kit includes: 

  • Artwork with space to fill in the details for your church; 
  • Promotional and introductory videos for use in a variety of contexts; and
  • Suggested messaging to help you craft announcements on social media or in your church communications. 


Most of this artwork has space for you to customize. In order to do that in a way that maintains the integrity of the design, we recommend using a free online tool called Canva. You will simply upload the file you want to modify and then use either the built-in “Poppins” or “Roboto” font to add your customized information (like location, date and time). Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Canva. 


  • Study Introductory Video (2:55) from Bishop Easterling on YouTube or Download
  • The Lens Through Which We Look Promotional Videos: 
  • What is Grace? (1:30) on YouTube

Videos are provided in a variety of formats because YouTube videos are easier to share on social media or in emails, whereas a downloaded version is usually preferred when sharing as part of an announcement in worship, small group or leadership gatherings. 


A:  The conference-wide study of “Who Are We? A Journey from Head to Heart,” continues as we explore who we are as a people called United Methodists. In the next six weeks, we’ll delve deeply into our rich and unique Wesleyan heritage and faith and how it defines us and the church. During Part 2 we’ll explore:

  1. Our Theology of Grace
  2. Our Wesleyan Discipleship: the Rule of Discipleship and Means of Grace
  3. Our way of Understanding Scripture and the Wesleyan Quadrilateral
  4. Our Founder: John Wesley the Resister
  5. Our Foundational Doctrine
  6. Our Unfinished Business: What Really Happened in 1968

Download participant materials at bwcumc.org/whoarewe. Leader and Participant guides can be found on that landing page, as well as on the individual weekly pages. 

B:  Part 2 of “Who Are We: A Journey from Head to Heart,” raises deep and abiding spiritual questions about what it means to be the people of God called United Methodists. Bishops, preachers, scholars, and disciples will lead you and your small group in six sessions that include videos and rich conversation. In Part 2, you’ll explore ideas about grace; covenant discipleship; the Wesleyan Quadrilateral; how John Wesley, our founder, resisted popular notions of faith; the theological documents that define the denomination; and how race played, and continues to play, a significant role in the creation of The United Methodist Church.


C:  What does it mean to be a United Methodist? How does grace shape your faith? What role do the Bible, personal holiness, sacred resistance, the Holy Spirit, and race play in the denomination? Explore these questions and more in Part 2 of “Who Are We? A Journey from Head to Heart.”   

Please share with us any materials or messaging you develop so that we might update this resource for other congregations. Email items to Melissa Lauber ( mlauber@bwcumc.org).

Please let us know if your church is engaging in the study and with whom so that we might pray for your time together and provide additional materials and support as needed. 

We are also interested in collecting testimonials and resources you have found helpful in this deep introspective work. Please send them to Rev. Jacqueline Davis Ford.