Local Church Media Kit

Artwork and materials have been provided for you to help get the word out about the study that you are hosting or even a sermon series you may feel called to create, based on Who Are We? A Journey from Head to Heart

Your media kit includes: 

  • Artwork with space to fill in the details for your church; 
  • Promotional and introductory videos for use in a variety of contexts; and
  • Suggested messaging to help you craft announcements on social media or in your church communications. 


Most of this artwork has space for you to customize. In order to do that in a way that maintains the integrity of the design, we recommend using a free online tool called Canva. You will simply upload the file you want to modify and then use either the built in “Poppins” or “Roboto” font to add your customized information (like location, date and time). Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Canva. 


  • Study Introductory Video (2:55) from Bishop Easterling on YouTube or Download
  • The Lens Through Which We Look Promotional Videos: 

Videos are provided in a variety of formats because YouTube videos are easier to share on social media or in emails, whereas a downloaded version is usually preferred when sharing as part of an announcement in worship, small group or leadership gatherings. 


A: Join us for a conference-wide study Who Are We? A Journey from Head to Heart so that we might prepare for a future rooted in our shared identity instead of shared anxiety. In Part 1 of this study, we’ll be exploring six topics central to answering the question: Who are we as the people of God? 

  1. Exploring the Nature of God
  2. Learning Lessons from the Garden
  3. Remembering Our Story of Exodus
  4. Embracing God’s Many Names
  5. Visioning and Prophesying
  6. Liberating

Download participant materials at bwcumc.org/whoarewe. Leader and Participant guides can be found on that landing page, as well as on the individual weekly pages.

B: Part 1 of Who Are We: A Journey from Head to Heart features six different voices speaking on six different topics: the nature of God; creation; exodus; names of God; the role of prophets; and liberation. Join us for this six-week small group study focused on exploring Who are we as the people of God? Each session is led from the perspective of a different scholar and the study is designed to support rich dialogue and discernment of our shared identity even in the midst of diverse perspectives. 

C:   We are eager to start a new study called Who Are We as a People of God? which features topics like the nature of God, lessons from the garden, and our story of exodus (among others). There’s still room for more... let us know if you’d like to join us!