Lay Servant Ministries you ...

are ready to share God's love and your faith
sense God's calling and you are willing to explore it
are willing to go wherever and whenever God calls you will commit your time and energy to the service of God and your neighbor 
you are ready to become a Lay Servant.

What is a Lay Servant?

A Lay Servant is an active, supportive member of a United Methodist congregation who is eager to be in ministry through the church. He/she is well-informed on scripture, doctrine, heritage, organization and life of the United Methodist Church and is committed to witnessing through church and community leadership, care giving ministries and spoken communication. A Lay Servant is willing to initiate ministry in partnership with clergy and other Lay Servants and willing to improve his/her skills for service.

How Do Lay Servants Serve?

There are three ways to serve as a Lay Servant:

Lay Servants care, lead, and communicate, they encourage, equip, and support others for deeper commitment to Christ and to faithful discipleship

A Lay Servant is a person who chooses to take part in training on the Basic level, then perhaps on the Advanced level to become a Lay Servant. This person receives the recommendation of the Church Council and/or the Charge Conference and the pastor; and the approval of the District and Conference Board of Lay Ministry to serve as a Lay Servant.

Those in the Lay Servant Ministry serve in many ways: visitation, leading a study, singing in the choir, serving at a lunch program, teaching Sunday School, sending out church or personal prayers, volunteering to clean, go on a mission project, or to lead or preach at a worship service. The types of ministry are too numerous to list.