2021 Journal

2021 Journals are not available for sale at the Conference Office.


Link to buy Perfect Bound - Cost $22 + shipping and sales tax (if applicable)

Link to buy Spiral Bound - Cost $25 + shipping and sales tax (if applicable)

Link to buy Digital Download - Cost $5 (only available online)

To purchase your journal(s) with a check or money order, please fill out and return this form

Note: There was a misprint on the original form. Please note that the cost for shipping 1 journal is $4.94. The form was updated with the correct shipping cost on 1/25/2022.

RETIREES AND SURVIVING SPOUSES: Journals are available at a discounted cost, $12 for perfect bound, $15 for spiral bound plus shipping and sales tax (if applicable) through a direct link online. Please contact your District Office to get the link or you may send in a completed mail-in order form with your payment to the Conference Office. 
   Contact Information for Direct Link:
   Delaware District - Andrea Lenker - delawaredistrictumc@gmail.com - (302) 655-8873

   Lower Shore District - Charlotte Hastings - lowershore2021@gmail.com - (410) 749-3331 

   Upper Shore District - Ginger Speight - uppershoredistrictoffice@pen-del.org - (443) 448-4012

Journals will arrive directly from Lulu.com. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 

If you have any questions, please contact Christine Trott or call the Conference Office at:
302-674-2626 Ext. 213