Health Insurance

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) concerning your health insurance, click on one of the following: 

1.  For Highmark BCBS questions, click Proceed to "For Customers" to read FAQs, order a new card, download a BCBS claim form or an HRA claim form, find a doctor, etc.

      PLEASE NOTE:  After clicking on "Find a doctor", it is important to move the "dot" from "Local BCBS Network" to "Nationwide BCBS Network" and proceed to "National Directory" to find a PPO provider.


2.  For Conference FAQs, Click here 


Are you eligible to participate in the Conference health and dental program? Eligibility Policy


To cancel spouse or children or to add spouse or children due to a "life event" (i.e., marriage, adoption, loss of employment, change of appointment) or it is open enrollment, a BCBS application must be completed.  Open enrollment is July 1 and January 1.  Applications must be submitted to the Conference Business Office prior to those dates.


Have you lost your BCBS booklet? If you participate in the Health Savings Account, download a PPO HSA Summary Booklet here

If you participate in the Health Reimbursement Account, download a PPO HRA Summary Booklet here

 If you participate in the Medicfill Plan (retired age 65 or over), download a Medicfill Plan Summary Booklet here.


Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)


The Affordable Care Act requires that a "Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) be provided to each participant.

To view the SBC for the HRA, click here.

To view the SBC for the HSA, click here.