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Last updated on January 27, 2021


The EZRA database system will be used to input your 2020 Local Church Report to Annual Conference again the year. We will upload as much information from the benevolence remittance forms as soon as we close the books for 2020.  

You will need to use your church GCFA number (6 digit number used for billing pension) as the USERNAME. The initial password is pendelconf and you will be asked to change it when you first log in. Each table has a separate input screen. Please choose the correct Table using the drop down menu at the top of the page.

The website can be found at

Unfortunately, the website is not fully compatible with Internet Explorer version 10 and above so you will need to add to operate in compatibility mode.  To check to see what version of Internet Explorer you have, you may click the alt key and the x key at the same time.  A drop down menu will appear.  Click on About Internet Explorer and a box will appear with the version number.  If your version is 10 or higher, click the alt key and x key at the same time again and click on Compatibility View Settings on the menu.  Enter in the box and click the add button and then close.. EZRA is currently not compatible with the Windows 10 Edge browser.  You will need to install Internet Explorer version 11, Google Chrome, Mozilla Foxfire or another browser in order to input data into the EZRA system.