Saturday, December 11, 2021
Rev. Dr. Jacqui King
My personal Leadership Statement:  
Bold leadership is needed now to encourage relevant community engagement and outreach in every ministry setting.  As a coach, I focus on using contextual tools to help community, lay and clergy leaders to expand their processes for reaching and connecting people in new ways for Jesus Christ.
The Rev. Dr. Jacqui King is an elder of The United Methodist Church, ordained in the Texas Annual Conference. Known as a pioneer for connecting technology and faith community building by launching an online experience in 2007.  Currently, she serves as the Director of Ministerial Excellence for the Illinois Great Rivers Conference (IGRC).  This collaborative conference strategy for clergy leaders to lead effectively in every ministry season and setting will include coaching, leadership development, resourcing for core implementation, and visioning for digital strategies beyond the pandemics.  Her goals focus on supporting clergy and laity with creating “Digital Footprints” that promote spiritual renewal, innovation, health, leadership, community engagement, and ministry action plans. 
She served with Discipleship Ministries of the United Methodist Church, as the Director of US Connectional Relationships equipping leaders to lead effectively.  Her key areas included developing collaborative partnerships between Discipleship Ministries and US Annual Conference Boards / District Leadership Teams.  Focused on coaching teams to move forward from ideas to visioning and mapping of implementation systems to embrace community wholeness.  
Focus Areas for Digital Footprints:
  • Digital Systems to support both the face-to-face and digital community engagement ministries 
  • Leadership development and capacity building for adaptive change management
  • Faith / Health / Prayer for community healing and transformation practices
  • Dreaming Again