Dreamers’ Story Sharing Tour

In partnership with Church and Society and Peninsula-Delaware Conference, DREAMERS -current students at Delaware State University- are engaging with congregations to educate, connect, and build relationships with community members who may not be connected to immigration, or may have questions/concerns from what they hear about immigration.
The goal is to be part of sacred space -through community conversation type forums- allowing for conversation, and exposure to a narrative that may be different from what we hear in the media or have known before. This dialogue brings the country’s immigration challenges to a personal level. 



Quotes from people who attended it before:
“The Tour is effective, timely, and begins the conversation to strategic planning and fruitful ministry (...) in providing education and awareness on both ends of the spectrum”. 
Rev. Earnestine Campbell - Associate Director Connectional Ministries - South Georgia Conference UMC
“The intimacy of sharing such personal experiences helped me to gain an even better understanding (...) This type of conversation was helpful and transformative”. 
Ray Yarnall - Laity Wesley UMC - Peninsula-Delaware Conference
"This conversation was helpful, convicting and transformative.
Rev. Robert King - St. Paul UMC - North Georgia Conference  
"We are deeply grateful to the students for their courage and their willingness to share with us. They made themselves vulnerable to the Holy Spirit, and in turn, opened all of our eyes and hearts so that we could be changed."
Rev. Dr. Jordan Thrasher - Hampton UMC - North Georgia Conference 
"I gained a better understanding of what Dreamers go through living in the states yet being excluded. The stories were an eye-opener and I can appreciate why they took the chance to come to the United States."
David Arroyo - Laity Gracia Divinia UMC - Peninsula-Delaware Conference 

If you are unable to attend and would like to have this event at your own church, contact Carlos Reyes-Rodrgíuez or call (302) 674-2626 or (443) 846-3365