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Documentation Needed for Meeting with DCOM


2015 - 2016


Introductory Meeting

1.   Letter from candidate requesting admission to candidacy program

2.   Statement of Call and Faith

3.  Form 102 (Biographical Information Form)

4.  Signed Commitment to Highest Ideals of Christian Life

5.  Credit Check (on File)

6.   Criminal & Sex Offenders Background Check    


Inquiring Candidate

No Paper work Required


Candidacy Certification

1.    Form 102 (Biographical Information)

2.    Proof of Graduation from High School or its equivalent

3.    Form 103 (Medical Form)

4.    Form 104 (Declaration of Candidacy for Ministry)

5.    Written Report from Candidacy Mentor

6.    Reference letter from pastor and/or SPRC

7.    Written Response to Statements found in Par. 310.2a

8.    Report from Supervisor from the Service Area (if applicable)

9.    Background & Credit Check (on File)

10.  Psychological Assessment (on File)

                        11.  Orientation to Ministry (Not Available at this Time)

                        12.  Nurture Wholeness in Community (Must be completed within three years)

                        13.  Basic Sexual Ethics


Local Pastor License

1.    Materials for Certification as a Candidate

2.    Form 105 (Application for clergy relationship to the Annual Conference



Continuation of Certified Candidacy and/or renewal of Local Pastor License

  1. Annual recommendation of candidate’s home church charge conference or if serving a local church, a copy of your last pastoral evaluation with your covenant. (Please contact your home church or your SPRC, in writing, to request this information)
  2. Written report of Candidacy Mentor or clergy Mentor See attached Form. (Please remind mentor to attend your DCom meeting with you)
  3. An official transcript from the school, college or seminary or Course of Study  (if still in classes)
  4. A written report of the candidate on service and leadership in the church in reference to ¶324.2 (This is a summary of your year in ministry)
  5. Written answers to Disciplinary questions ¶324.9 g & i
  6. Transcript or manuscript of a sermon (This must be your original sermon)
  7. Please provide a copy of your worship bulletin or develop a worship bulletin to accompany your sermon.
  8. 7 copies of an audio recording of the above sermon

We prefer a digital recording of the sermon, if this is problematic, please contact the District Office or DCom Chairperson as soon as possible so we can help you get resources for this requirement)

  1. Please provide a one – to – two page, typed, doubled spaced page describing your understanding of Baptism and how you counsel persons coming for baptism.
  2. Please describe how you would describe to a member of your church the similarities and differences between the office of Elder and Local Pastor. What is the role and function of the license for Ministry for a Local Pastor
  3. What is a specific teaching or practice from your classes at Seminary, Course of Study or Continuing Education session that you have been able to apply to your ministry? Explain what you did to implement this teaching or practice. How has doing this ignited ministries among the laity in your congregation?
  4. Report from supervisor of ministry field education setting or local pastor in the ministry area (If you are in supervised Ministry Setting)
  5. Commitment to Highest Ideals of Christian Life (if not already on file)


Probationary/Provisional Membership

1.    Form 105 (Application for Clergy relationship)

2.    Certified Candidate for at least one year

3.    College Transcript

4.    Seminary Transcript

5.    Written report of Mentor

6.    Report of District Superintendent

7.    Written answers to Par. 324.9 a-p

8.      Psychological Assessment Reports


All forms necessary for DCOM can be downloaded from the following: