Discipleship and Education

Discipleship is living into our new life in Christ as we allow the Holy Spirit to form and guide us.

“Discipleship & Christian Education” includes any offering by a Church community that can answer this question:  “Is someone going to learn something about their faith or about the Bible in this setting?  Particularly this would include the following: 

                        Sunday School:  All ages
                        Bible Study
                        Vacation Bible School
                        Christian Summer Day Camps
Long Range:    
  • Strengthen support to Christian Education Ministry throughout the Conference
  • Networking:  connecting all those involved in Christian Education through internet, shared library materials and other means.
  • Sponsor events and teacher training throughout the Conference

Short Term:     
  • Build a community of Christian Education
  • Take advantage of Network and media resources
  • Create teacher training sessions by relying on the Local Pastor school and other resources Identify programs that are particularly successful in area Churches working with children, youth and adults. 
  • Inform and connect Churches with the Interfaith Resource Center “Library Project”

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