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Disaster Response Updates

Update 5/21/2014

From the last report over 100 homes have been repaired. One new home has been built with us being a partner. Over 90 more homed need repairs of many different types. Over 100 teams have volunteered their time, talents and funds to complete the current work. Close to $300,000.00 has been spent so far and there is more work to be done for at least the next  nine to 12 months. To donate time call 443-859-4447. To donate funds address to Bill Westbrook PenDel Recovery Efforts.

Update 5/30/2012 

Crisfield is improving though your efforts. Your financial donations, food donations, and offers of volunteer hours to repair homes are helping. I want to thank all that have helped. Please continue, as there is still much to do. New reports continue coming in with requests for assistance where insurance and FEMA’s help fell short of completing the repairs.

 To date there are two full time church groups helping the residents to rebuild. They are the Mennonites and Our UMC connectional system. Other dominations, including the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Lutheran Disaster Relief, Episcopal Diocese of Easton and many non-denominational churches, are also helping by sending funds and volunteers. 

Remember that FEMA reported the following for Crisfield and Somerset County, MD communities:

Number of FEMA Applicants = 1203    Of these, 1034 needed to be referred for assistance;

This is not the whole story. Many other groups are not reported, as they did not request help for various reasons. Our numbers are still growing from Hurricane Sandy. There are areas in Delaware and other Maryland counties that did not request our help, but they are still hurting from Hurricane Sandy. If you know of anyone needing help, please get in touch with us so we can reach out.

A special thank you to Our UMCOR Hub!!! So far our UMCOR Hub at Christiana UMC has sent 46 flood buckets, 100 health kits.  These cleaning buckets and health kits were and are part of local churches reaching out to help survivors know someone cares. For more information about our UMCOR HUB located Christiana UMC, please contact them for their needs:

Church Office:  302-738-7544

Church Email:

Fax number is: 302-738-7548

Kit donations are still being accepted at Christiana UMC if you would like to help.

We have trained two classes of new ERT’s (Early Response Teams) and we also trained members for our Spiritual Care Team in this Quadrennial Training period. Congratulations to all!!! We will be offering additional UMCOR training this fall during and after the Well. Check our conference-training calendar soon.  Some of our new team members were tasked to help out in Crisfield already. Thank you!!  We will be calling on other team members to help out too!

We are also now welcoming VIM teams to help in the recovery. Please contact our conference VIM coordinator Rev. Karin Tunnel ( ) as your initial contact about planning a trip to Crisfield. 

You will then receive planning information and web-links to calendars for open dates by contacting   

Update 11/12/12
The Conference Disaster Response Team arrived in the town of Crisfield and has been working with town emergency management officials to organize the relief stage of the disaster. Due to the mold potential in all of the homes in Crisfield and unincorporated areas of Somerset County, all will require some form of mold eradication and undergoing assessment at this time. Addressing the mold issue will be handled certified ERTs and professionals. We currently have had or are in conversation with ERTS from the following conferences: Virginia, Baltimore-Washington, Massachusetts, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Susquehanna.
Mt. Pleasant UMC received considerable damage and are still in process of evaluating the full extent of damage. Shiloh UMC received water damage to the front entrance of the church, and the evaluation process continues there as well. Asbury UMC and Immanuel UMC received light damage in the early stages of damage assessment. Immanuel UMC is feeding about 30 local residents daily and has a food pantry that is still in service, while distributing over 50 bags of food a day. Asbury UMC is the gracious host of visiting ERT teams and coordination center for UMC volunteers and churches.
We will have further updates as the relief phase of the disaster recovery progresses.


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