Disaster Response Ministry

Disaster Relief Ministry of the Peninsula Delaware Annual Conference of the UMC

If your church or community has experienced any damage or disruption in normal activities due to any kind of natural disaster, please use this form to let our conference Disaster Relief Ministry know. The information provided via this form will enable us to coordinate efforts and resources to best respond to a situation. Please include accurate contact information, as we will need to follow up on any request. Click here to fill out the form.

Co-Chair: Rev. Blair Hall

Co-Chair: Rev. Brad Schutt

Release & Skill sheets

Safety Briefing


Christine Bonds (E) (16)
Samantha Boots (D) (16)

Monica Vickers (S) (16)


Joshua Barth (D) (16)

Doug Covert (D) (12)

Jeff Finney (S) (16)

Mike Jump (S) (12)


John R. Allen III (E) (16)

Tonya McClain (S) (16)

M. Shane Moran (E) (12)

Lawrence H. Purnell Sr. (S) (16)

Amor Woolsey (E) (16)