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DCOM Instructions


Easton District Committee on Ordained Ministry

The Easton District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCom) is looking forward to meeting with you this year. In an attempt to get information out to all persons who will be meeting this year with the committee, we have prepared a packet of information for you. Included in this packet is the meeting schedule for 2015-16, in addition to a list of required materials needed from each interviewee prior to the scheduled meeting. On the schedule you will see the date when your paper work is to be submitted. It is important for you to remember several things as you prepare for your meeting.

1. You must meet all deadlines. Failure to do so will result in your interview with the committee being cancelled. If your interview is cancelled or you fail to meet with the committee on your scheduled meeting date, your interview will not be rescheduled. If you do not meet with the DCom, you cannot be recommended for continuance in your specific track and you may lose your Local Pastor License, and thus your appointment.

2. Once you have been scheduled to meet with the committee it is very difficult to reschedule. Except in extreme emergencies we will not be able to make changes in the schedule. If an emergency occurs, please call the DCom chairperson, DCom registrar or the District office as soon as possible.

3. The paperwork you submit to the DCom is a reflection of your professionalism. Please provide the committee with 17 copies of all paperwork using the following guidelines:

a. The enclosed coversheet must be the first page of the document

b. Format: 12 font Times New Roman, Double Spaced, 1” margins

c. Papers must be collated and stapled in the upper left corner of the set.

DO NOT place your papers in binders or bind them in any other way.

d. Make sure your name and consecutive page number is visible on each page.

e. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are important. Please have your papers proofread for technical quality prior to submitting them. Prior to submission, your papers must be reviewed by your mentor and the mentor must sign off that they have had an opportunity to review the final draft of your work. (See Cover Sheet)

4. Provide 7 copies of a digital recording of the sermon that corresponds with the paperwork you are providing. (Please make sure the recordings are labeled)
NOTE: If you are having difficulty with this requirement please contact the District Office or DCom Chairperson.

5. All paperwork must be delivered or mailed to the Easton District Office by 12noon on the specified date. In addition to the 17 copies of all paperwork, please also provide a digital copy of the paperwork in Microsoft Word format. This should be emailed to Rev. William Ross at:
Easton District Committee on Ordained Ministry

6. Plagiarism: Plagiarism has many definitions. The Easton DCom broadly defines it as the intentional or unintentional copying of any work (book, periodical, internet or other form of written or digital material) and presenting it as one’s own work. As you present your written work, you may include quotes from other works, but the quotes must be footnoted. Failure to do this could result in immediate discontinuance or other consequence. The Easton DCOM will not tolerate plagiarism.

7. Your meeting with the Easton DCom is a professional meeting. We make every effort to stay on schedule. Plan to arrive 15 minutes early for your interview in the event that we may be running ahead of schedule. The waiting area is in the District Office (Make your mentor aware of your meeting date and ask them to attend the meeting with you.)

We are very serious about the work of the Easton District Committee on Ordained Ministry and are committed to work with you to make this very important part of your ministry successful. We ask that you understand that this is a mandatory part of your ministry and that you take this process as seriously as we do.