Conference Investment Team

Chair: Kevin Goodwin

Purpose:   We review and monitor the investment results of the Advisors hired to manage funds on behalf of the Annual Conference or entities of the Annual Conference.  Activities at our meetings include:   

  •    1.   Review prior quarter’s and longer periods of investment results for each Advisor hired by           the AC. Currently there are two.
  •    2.   Review the results of each manager that either Advisor is using compared to their
             individual benchmark.  The Advisor might suggest a poor performing one be replaced or 
             the Investment Committee (IC) could ask why they have not been replaced.
  •    3.   Get reports on the economic outlook and how they might effect the asset allocations.
  •          At least every four years, review the asset allocation guidelines Advisors are asked to
             follow. Also, discuss if there are other asset classes we should be investing in.  On the
             same time line, fees paid to each Advisor should be reviewed and compared.
  •    4.   At year-end, decide which Advisor should be the source of the pension payment to
            Wespath on behalf of the AC pastors in the pension plan.   The starting point for the 
            discussion is the percent split of the pension-only assets managed by each Advisor.  This          process can be used to change that percentage.

Membership:    Committee documentation defines the membership of the IC.

The Committee Membership was approved at the Annual Conference of June 1998 and amended at the June 2003 Annual Conference.  The Committee shall be made up of the following members:

  •      3 representatives appointed by the Council on Finance and Administration
  •      3 representatives appointed by the Board of Pensions
  •      3 at-large members elected by the Annual Conference
  •      1 representative appointed by each of the remaining commissions, boards, and councils
            with funds overseen by the Committee
  •      The Conference Treasurer

Skill set: 
Members should have some of the following traits:

  •      An interest in investments and desire to learn more.
  •      Willing to ask questions when a topic goes beyond their current knowledge level.
  •      Ability to make meetings that occur on Tuesday afternoon for two hours.
  •      In-depth investment knowledge is preferred but not required if the first point is met.

    Meetings:    Due to the overlap in memberships, the IC meets on the same day as the regularly scheduled quarterly CCFA meeting (3rd Tuesday of the 1st month of the calendar quarter).  That said, the current (as of 2023), will be held as follows:
  •      Meeting times for every meeting will be 1:30-3:30pm
  •      January and July meetings will be in person
  •      April and October will be Virtual