Christian Service Team

The Purpose of Christian Service Team is the coordination of Conference Missions/Service Areas in order to encourage cooperation between each of the areas and enhance communications within the Conference, Districts and Local Churches.

  • Vision Statement:  Every Church in Mission
  • Mission Statement: To Communicate, Coordinate, Equip, and Educate the Churches of our Conference concerning Mission/Service Areas.
The Christian Service Team is working with the Congo Partnership, Volunteers in Mission, Disaster Relief, and Conference Mission Appeals to coordinate our Mission, provide training, information, education and communication about the numerous mission opportunities connected with our Conference and General Church Ministry. 
The Team will be fostering a greater awareness of the Congo Mission Projects that our Conference has made a commitment to support through the Partnership, the work of our United Methodist Committee on Relief, and will be bringing in resource persons such as our Northeastern Jurisdictional Volunteers in Mission Coordinator. 
Part of the Vision of this team involves the possible hire of a part-time person to handle communications just for Missions.  Every church, from the smallest to the largest, can make a significant impact on the world through its support and participation in local and Global Missions