An Expression of Gratitude for Part 2

I am deeply indebted to everyone who contributed to Part 2 of this study. Their contributions make it a special resource that will greatly enhance our shared understanding of what it means to be people called United Methodists. And, as we all know, once you begin listing persons, someone will inevitably be overlooked or omitted. If that is the case, please forgive me in advance.

I would like to thank each of the content presenters: the Revs. Claire Matheny, Jessica Hayden, Travis Knoll, David McAllister-Wilson, Dana Jones, Rebecca Iannicelli, Mark Gorman, and Sarah Schlieckert, and Bishops Thomas Bickerton and Forrest Stith. 

I would like to thank our editorial and design team of the Revs. Erik Alsgaard, Claire Matheny, Bill Brown, Rodney Smothers and Bryan P. Stone, Alison Burdett, Kayla Spears, Cheryl Cook, and Sharonda Jones.

I would like to thank those who contributed their insights into the nature of grace: Taeron Flemming, Emma Escobar, Richard Willson, Moorosi Mokuena, Ophelia Brown Carter, Ryan McDanill, Madison Sadler, Cristin Cooper, Chris Dillard, Hjarman Cordero and the Revs. Daniel Mejia, Mark Gorman, Travis Knoll and Yu Jung Hwang.

And, I would especially like thank Christie Latona, Melissa Lauber, Myca Jones and the Rev. Stacey Cole Wilson for their gifts and contributions. I cannot thank you enough. – Bishop LaTrelle Easterling