Mid Atlantic Um Foundation

Who is the Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation?
The Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation
The Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation has been established by merger in 2010 for the purpose of fostering and supporting benevolent ministries in the name of Jesus Christ, and to serve as an extension of the religious, charitable and educational endeavors of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of The United Methodist Church, the Peninsula Delaware Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church, and the Baltimore Washington Conference of The United Methodist Church. We are incorporated under the Nonprofit Corporation Law of Pennsylvania exclusively for charitable purposes and are intended to be a public charity under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 as a 501(c) non-profit corporation.  
Our Unique Mission and Ministry
Stewardship and Planned Giving, The Foundation conducts leadership programs in planned giving and church stewardship as part of its important mission and ministry. We offers advice and counsel to members, families, local churches, agencies, and boards on how to promote legacy or transformational gift for the future of The United Methodist Church. We specialize in developing Church Endowments.
Investment and Asset Management, Our investment advisory and asset management operation is available to churches, groups, and agencies seeking a way to have invested and endowed assets managed in accordance to the guidelines outlined in the United Methodist Book of Discipline. The Mid-Atlantic Foundation does not contemplate self economic gain or profit from our work and ministry. Profits from managing client assets are directly reinvested for the betterment of The United Methodist Church and the Churches for whom we manage assets.
Our Investment Management
The Foundation’s Investment Management product is deployed using a group of contracted investment management professionals creating portfolios for equity and fixed income investments diversified across a broad spectrum of asset classes and categories. All our investments are screened at the time of purchase against the General Board of Pension’s list of restricted securities thereby assuring every effort has been made to comply with The United Methodist Church’s social principals outlined in the Book of Discipline.

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