Advocacy Resource Team

The Advocacy Resource Team is a diverse group of people whose focus is to problem solve, educate, promote, and resource members of the Peninsula-Delaware Conference on how best to reach out, speak out and support those who often are or feel forgotten.

Our goal is to increase the connection between those who are raising their voices in need with those who can offer assistance and support.

Group affiliated with the team include:

     - Africa University

     - Deaf Ministries

     - Disability Ministries

     - Hispanic/Latino Ministries

     - J. T. Seymour Committee on Religion and Race

     - Methodist Action Program

     - National Black Methodist Church Renewal

     - Methodist Action Program

     - Neighborhood House (a United Women in Faith Mission Institution)

     - Pacem in Terris

     - Peace with Justice Coordinator

     - Salisbury Urban Ministries

     - General Commission on the Status and Role of Women

     - Native American Ministries

     - United Women in Faith

     - United Methodist Men

     - Young Adult Ministries

The group currently meets quarterly, unless additional meetings are necessary due to specific needs and/or events.

The commitment and expectation for members of this team include:

Members must be prepared and willing to bring concerns and/or activities before the group in support of our purpose.

Members are encouraged to be actively involved in Advocacy events and/or members of organizations within the Annual Conference and/or beyond if needed.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at: or by phone at 302-542-8305.