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About Easton District


The District Office will be closed for the Christmas holiday beginning Thursday, December 21. The Office will re-open on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.


If you need to reach the District Superintendent, you may contact Dr. Brown at 410-924-2530 or


May you and your family have a Grace Filled Christmas and a Blessed New Year.




Office Location:
St. Luke's UMC, 100 S. 5th Ave., Denton, MD 21629.
Our office is located on the second floor, Room #23.
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 547, Denton, MD 21629
Phone number:
Office Hours: 
Monday thru Thursday, 9am - 4pm; and we are closed on Friday

 Snapshot of the Easton District

(Updated 7/2016)

Geographical Boundaries:

5 counties (Kent, Queen Anne, Talbot, Caroline, Dorchester)

North to Cecil County, West to Chesapeake Bay, South to the Vienna River, East to the Delaware State Line


Membership:  17,191 Full Members (2015)

                                    75 Charges

                                                African American Charges:  26

                                                Euro American Charges:  49

                                    125 Churches

                                                African American Churches:  42

                                                Euro American Churches:  83


Clergy:  74 Pastors

                        African American:  26            (Male:  14, Female:  12)

                        Hispanic:  1                             (Male:  1)

                        Euro American:  47                 (Male:  33, Female:  14)

                        Native American:  2                (Male:  2)

                        Filipino: 1                                 (Female: 1)


Colleges:  Washington College (Chestertown)

                  Chesapeake College (Wye Mills)


Airports:  Cambridge, Kent Island, Easton


Medical Facilities:  Easton Memorial (Easton), Dorchester General (Cambridge), Chester Valley Medical (Chestertown)


County Seats:  Chestertown (Kent), Centreville (Queen Anne), Easton (Talbot), Denton (Caroline), Cambridge (Dorchester)


Occupations:  farming, water related, health care, financial management/banking, food services, recreation