Board of Lay Ministries

*April 2023 - we are currently looking for Board of Lay Ministries Leadership Positions. To view the openings, along with the duties and descriptions, please visit the Open Roles and Positions page. The deadline to apply for these positions is April 17th, 2023.

Welcome to the Board of Lay Ministry web pages. We hope that you will find the information, resources and programs that will assistance and encourage you in your continuing faith journey. While these pages are designed to be a useful for both new users and experienced lay leadership, if you have any problems navigating the site or finding the information you are looking for, please to not hesitate to contact us for further information. It is our sincere desire to meet your needs, and invite you to suggest new projects and programs to better serve you and your congregation.

The Board of Lay Ministry is the elected lay leadership of the Annual Conference. It therefore represents and is accountable to the Annual Conference. Its greatest contribution is through interaction with all facets of church life and work. The Board of Lay Ministry must live within the system of budget appropriation and accountability set by the administrative function of the Conference.

The Discipline (¶631) is clear that the Board of Lay Ministry shall have responsibility for the following:

     fostering an awareness of the role of the laity,

     developing the advocacy role for laity,

     increasing the participation of laity in the life of the church

     encouraging laypersons in the general ministry of the church,

     developing and promoting programs to cultivate an adequate understanding of the  
        theological and biblical basis for lay life and work,

     developing and promoting stewardship of time, talent and possessions,

     providing for the training of lay members to Annual Conference,

     providing support and direction for such lay programs as lay speaking, the  observance of
     Laity Sunday, and the work of lay leaders on the local and district  levels,

     organizing a conference committee on lay speaking ministries.

Sisters and brothers these are all action verbs that would suggest that the Board of Lay Ministry will be “doing something” rather than just “meeting”. We will exert leadership by focusing on ¶631 and our objectives. These functions will be taken seriously at the district and local levels.