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Volunteer Opportunities

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Wilmington: Urban Promise

Health and Welfare Ministries
Location Category: Local
Location: Wilmington, Delaware
Country: USA
Starts: 12/30/2015 Ends: 12/31/2015
THERE ARE NO SET DATES FOR THIS MISSION. YOU MAY APPLY AT ANY TIME. UrbanPromise is a ministry to children and youth living in the inner-city neighborhoods of Wilmington, Delaware. The mission of UrbanPromise is to teach children and young adults the skills necessary for spiritual growth, academic achievement, life management and Christian leadership. Teams may work on maintenance/building projects and/or work in their program setting cooking meals, leading activities, etc. Good site for youth group trips. Lodging will be arranged among local churches in Wilmington.
Contact: Beverly Henry 302-425-5502 fax 302-425-5506

Bolivia: Evangelical Methodist Church

Location Category: International
Location: various sites
Country: Bolivia
Starts: 12/30/2015 Ends: 12/31/2015
THERE ARE NO OFFICIAL DATES FOR THIS MISSION. YOU MAY APPLY AT ANYTIME. The Evangelical Methodist Church in Bolivia seeks VIM Teams to assist with the following projects. The minimum requested financial assistance for construction projects is $2,000.00. This money insures there are adequate materials on hand for work activities when teams arrive. Please contact VIM Team Coordinator Rev. Skip Hodges if you are interested in bringing a team to Bolivia. We can provide detailed information and probably even pictures for any project in which you are interested. The Sower Church Tupiza (Iglesia El Sembrador) - Construction of a church in progress in Tupiza (in the department of Potosi in southern Bolivia). Manco Kapac Church (Iglesia Manco Kapac) - Construction of a church in progress in the city of Copacabana on the shore of Lake Titicaca one of the highest elevation lakes in the world. New Jerusalem Church Copacabana (Iglesia Nueva Jerusalem) - Construction of a set of guest rooms in progress for another church in the city of Copacabana (shore of Lake Titicaca). Christ the Good Shepherd Church Cobija (Iglesia Cristo el Buen Pastor) - New Construction of a church in the town of Cobija (tropical area on the border with Brazil). The church is approximately 10 years old but has never had a building. Sinai Church El Alto (Iglesia Sinai) - New Construction of a church in El Alto (where the airport is located above La Paz). The existing church is more than 25 years old but is small, incurs water damage during the rainy season, and is made of adobe brick, which deteriorates quickly. Methodist Home for the Elderly site to be determined. New construction of the first Methodist home for the elderly near La Paz. It is preferred that a team of Older Adults from the US assist with this project so that a time of sharing of different cultures can take place with persons of similar age. But teams of all ages are welcome.
Contact: Rev Skip Hodges

Holy Land Mission

Location Category: International
Location: Jerusalem
Country: Israel
Starts: 12/30/2015 Ends: 12/31/2015
THERE ARE NO OFFICIAL DATES FOR THIS MISSION. YOU MAY APPLY AT ANY TIME. As we head into the summer months it is a good time to take a look at some of the opportunities that are available for Volunteer in Mission teams. Summer is low season in the Middle East. People generally prefer to spend their time in locations where they do not have to deal with the desert sand and high temperatures. It is, however, a great time to begin planning for teams to come during the cooler months. I am taking this opportunity to send you the list of potential project sites for teams who may be interested in coming to the Holy Land. Since this region holds much history, both religiously and politically, a usual two week team visit is typically split between the service project and visits to the holy sites and some of our partner projects in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. The importance of carrying paving stones or painting classrooms is complimented by a visit to the Mt of the Beatitudes where Christ preached the “Sermon on the Mount or a quiet prayer in the Church of the Nativity where Christ was born. There are two sample itineraries that I can send at your request. These serve as a base from which your specific trip can be arranged. In addition there are project sites not listed if a team would like to be specific about the type of work in which they wish to be involved; medical team, construction crew, etc. A local Christian travel agency with experience in working with VIM teams will be coordinating with me on all aspects of the travel itinerary to ensure that the teams have not only an enjoyable work experience, but a spiritually based visit as well. After all, this is the Holy Land! Together we can create an opportunity for a life-changing experience that will enable spiritual growth, personal empowerment, and most importantly, help to build lasting relationships in our global community.
Sponsor: UM Liaison in Israel and Palestine
Contact: Janet Lahr Lewis 972 2 277 0047