Board of Ordained Ministry

The Board of Ordained Ministry is responsible for the enlistment and recruitment of ordained clergy by working in consultation with the cabinet and General Board of Higher Education and Ministry to study and interpret the clergy needs and resources of the Annual Conference with due regard to the inclusive nature of the church.  The Board continues to be faithful to all the various disciplinary requirements.

BOOM Executive Committee


Chair - Rob Townsend       

Vice Chair - Joe Archie

Treasurer - Tina Blake              

Secretary - Laura Martin

Registrar - Karen Dize

Candidacy Registrar - Mark Farnell



Chair - Fellowship of Local & Associate Pastors - David Hackett

Local Pastor’s Registrar – Laura Martin


Conference Relations – Earle Baker   


Enlistment/Recruitment - Kari Jones


Probationary Care - Beverly Lewis     


Continuing Education - Barbara Harmon


Sexual Ethics - Patty Frick


Conference Membership/Interviews - Tina Whaley

Chair - Order of Deacons - Connie Hastings

Chair - Order of Elders - Bernadette Beckett


Director of Connectional Ministries - Shirlyn Henry-Brown

Cabinet Representatives -

Derrick Porter


Vicki Gordy-Stith

Technical Reader Liaison - Ruth Tull


Board Members                                   Calendar


Contact Information:

Chair - Rob Townsend

Registrar -  Karen Dize                          License To Preach School     

Conference Relations Chair 
Annual Report of Clergy Member on Leave of Absence
Application for Change in Clergy Relationship to the Annual Conference

Continuing Education -  Barbara Harmon 
CEU Request Form

Scholarship Chair - Kari Jones 

Order of Deacons Chair - Connie Hastings

Applications for Scholarship/Grants:

BOOM Application for Scholarship/Grant Assistance - Seminary and College Students

BOOM Application for Scholarship/Grants for Course of Study 

Additional Forms:

2014 Application for Commissioning / Ordination

Requirements for Provisional Elder 2014

2010 Church Charge Evaluation Form 
2010 Church Charge Evaluation Instructions

Seminary Recommendation for Provisional Elder & Deacon

Statement from Pastor & SPRC for Provisional Elder & Deacon
Statement from Senior Pastor for Provisional Elder & Deacon
Statement from Pastor & SPRC for Full Connection and Ordination
Statement from Senior Pastor for Full Connection and Ordination

Bible Study Evaluation for all candidates

Cover page for FME
Cover page for PME
Cover page for PMD

Technical Readers/Writers Policy 
Technical Rubric for BOOM Paper

Ordination Project Helps:

Ordination Project Requirements and Example Titles

Ordination Project Proposal Form

Ordination Project Critique Form for Provisional Groups

Ten Step Ministry Project Process

Leading Ministry Projects – PM Basics

Ordination Project Guidelines for BOOM