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February 23, 2017

With Opening Session:
“All About Autism”
ALL ABOUT AUTISM:  Finding some answers in order to welcome and engage special children and youth
Autism appears to be on the rise and many questions are also quickly rising regarding its causes, characteristics, and appropriate interventions.
Despite all the questions, one thing is for certain: Children and youth with autism (and their parents) need to experience the welcoming love of Jesus through the church.  This plenary session will include a primer on what is known and still unknown about autism spectrum disorders (ASD); some interactive demonstrations regarding the challenges with core communication, behavior, and sensory impairments; and recommendations for making church programs for children and youth with ASD more welcoming and engaging.

Speaker:  Lori Bennett is the Clinical Coordinator of therapy services at The Benedictine School, a non-public school for students with multiple disabilities and autism.  Lori is a physical therapist with a Master’s degree in Special Education:  Severe disabilities and autism.  She is also the wife of Reverend David Bennett and leads the “Children’s Chapel” program at Kent Island UMC.
 More information on other workshops during the conference will be made available in the coming months. To be a part of this day or a part of the mission to engage, educate, empower, and equip churches and people with disabilities, contact the Conference office or check out our “Disability Ministries” page at