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Entry Denied by Madeline Porter 6/8/16

June 27, 2016


Entry Denied 6/8/16
By. Madeline Porter
We are a United Methodist Church
United in hate
Divided in love
Love of tradition
Love of doctrine
Love of law
But the law is to love
How many have forgotten
Who once hung and swung from trees
Bloody memories
It’s triggering and it’s traumatic
But some of the same
Some of the same
Some of the same
Would hang those under a rainbow sky
With bows and arrows we persecute Black and L.G.B.T. lives
The only pews I hear
Are the pew pews and the clack clacks
Giving our members heart attacks
Heart attacks because they feel they have to hold their humanity back
Heart attacks because they can’t breathe
Sitting in the seat next to someone who will say
Pray for Paris, Pray for Europe, Pray for the poor, innocent animals
But Black lives don’t matter?
For blue lives
They’d rather pray
Maybe this year I won’t be so subtle.
Black and White can clearly get along
I see it every time
They march in song against the fear of
Lovely Roy G. Biv and non-binary lips
Lips that do more than kiss and caress
Lips that stress and address and are oppressed
Lips that are silenced with violence and destitute bodies
Are jailed in other countries and continents
But you don’t care do you?
Because you can go home to your wife
You can go home to your husband
Kiss them, and know that they will be alive the next morning
And you fear not when they cross the street
You fear not, when they don’t have to compete
Ten times for a scrap, when they deserve more than the slice
They ought to have been given
This is why I am more than driven
Because I refuse to look in the eyes of my great grandchild
And tell them that nothing has, is or ever will change
Society is rearranging
But you’re blaming the youth
The youth that you abandoned
And wanted nothing to do
The youth that you forced to attend an empty service
Absent of open doors, open hearts, open minds
And wondering why we no longer go to church
Because it hurts!
It really, really, really hurts.
Why do we flirt with our faith like a mistress?
Coming and leaving at our own convenience?
Not speaking up when there is a justified grievance?
Show your love and be committed
Show it in public, Show it without shame
Give honor to the name Christian
Don’t deny those whom you deem unworthy
For popularity and fame
Divorced from compassion
Separated from love
Rationing it out in pieces
As if there was never enough
But we are fallible humans tripping and falling as we stay
Calling to our Lord
Forgive us, love us, let us live in abundance
Despite our trespasses, despite our exclusion
Despite our sword like tongues
Despite our blinded eyes
Despite our clenched fists
Give us Eden and the freedom to gorge our bellies
With the fruits of every tree
Greed and the seeds of misunderstanding and fear
That is what had brought us here
That is why we shed our tears
That is why we are called to loved like we never loved before
To love more than we can
To love humanity more than war
The war within ourselves
The war of the past pains
The war of future fears
And the war of present remains
Keep on birthing new life,
Unsatisfied with the stagnant same
Insatiable yearning for a rain/reign
That will drown us in an overflow of empathy
Hearts crying out
In jubilee
Hearts are still crying
Because they’re too often
Denied entry…