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Board of Ordained Ministry

The Peninsula-Delaware Conference Board of Ordained Ministry exists to recruit, develop and credential healthy ministry leaders to be deployed by the Bishop and Cabinet to lead innovative and vibrant ministries.

Individuals desiring to be commissioned or ordained at the 2018 Annual Conference must submit the Application for Commissioning/Ordination/Associate Membership  by July 15, 2017

Executive Committee

ChairRob Townsend

Vice-Chairs – Lester Justice, Megan Shitama Weston

Secretary – Rev. Dr. Laura A. Martin

Treasurer – Christina M. Blake

RegistrarKaren Dize

Candidacy Registrar/SupervisoryMark Farnell

Local Pastor’s RegistrarKaren Dize

Conference RelationsEarle Baker

Application for Clergy Relationship to The Annual Conference

Annual Report of Clergy Member on Leave of Absence

Application for Change in Clergy Relationship to the Annual Conference                    

 Extension Ministry Brief Narrative

Enlistment/Recruitment – Lindsay Wessell

Provisional Care/Residency in MinistryMegan Shitama Weston

Conference Membership/Interviews – Tina Whaley

Continuing EducationHarriet Smith Windsor

           Continuing Education Unit Request Form

Local Pastors/Associate Members – John Hornberger

Order of Deacons – Connie Hastings

Order of Elders – Rev. Dr. Bernadette Beckett

Director of Connectional Ministries – Rev. Dr. Vicki Gordy-Stith

Cabinet Representatives – Rev. Dr. Shirlyn Henry Brown, Fred Duncan


Contact Information                                                                                                                          

 Pen-Del Licensing SchoolRev. Dr. Shirlyn Brown, Director

Scholarship ChairLori Brown                              

Application for Scholarship/Grant Assistance – Seminary & College Students

Application for Scholarship/Grants for Course of Study


Additional Forms:

Application for Commissioning/Ordination/Associate MembershipDeadline: July 15, 2017


Requirements for: 

Provisional Membership & Commissioning – Elder Track, 2017Due January 3, 2018

Full Membership & Ordination – Elder Track, 2017Due January 3, 2018

Provisional Membership & Commissioning – Deacon Track, 2017Due January 3, 2018

Full Membership & Ordination – Deacon Track, 2017Due January 3, 2018

Associate Membership - 2017Due January 3, 2018

Annual Report of Progress Licensed & Certified Candidates & Provisional Members - Deadline: July 15, 2017


Seminary Recommendation for:

Associate Membership

Full Membership

Provisional Membership


Statement from:  Pastor & SPRC for Provisional Elder & Deacon

                            Senior Pastor for Provisional Elder & Deacon

                            Pastor & SPRC for Full Connection and Ordination

                            Senior Pastor for Full Connection and Ordination

Bible Study Evaluation for all candidates

Cover Page – Full Connection and Elder’s Orders

                       Provisional Membership and Commissioning – Order of Elder

                       Provisional Membership and Commissioning – Order of Deacon


Fruitfulness in Ministry Project – to be completed in Residency in Ministry Program

Requirements & Example Titles

Proposal Form

Critique Form for Provisional Groups

Ten Step Ministry Project Process

Leading Ministry Projects – PM Basics

Guidelines for BOOM